Why Us

These are unprecedented times. While the world of technologies is evolving at breakneck speed, the environment poses an equal uncertainty with respect to the career choices we make.

The best IT companies look for professionals who are not just engineers, but industry ready in every sense. Top scores, latest technology skills, international certifications and relevant industry exposure is the need of the hour.

It makes sense to carefully research the options we have, and opt for the best training available.

We offer a flexible approach to learning with a wide variety of course options and ways to study to suit your lifestyle and interests. We design our courses to specifically meet your education and training needs. We provide one-on-one trainer support for the duration of your enrolment to assist you to achieve your goals. Your trainer is available to guide you throughout this program and assist with any questions or any challenges that may impede your progress.

Why do they keep sending people to us?

It is because we actually care about each and every one of our students and small business operators. We strive to provide a user friendly course material, excellent training and consistent back up service for every learner who joins our courses.

Lastly, our Trainers are full time employees, who have a vested interest in supporting you to achieve your goals and it is they who assess your work.

About Us

VGP INFOTECH is a leading institute which provides complete study material and total practical training. We provide couching on C, C++, Adobe, CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, Comptia. We provide the best quality of education to students and professionals with the aim that they will effectively implement their knowledge and skills in their chosen careers.
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3rd Floor,
No:40 & 41
Velachery main road,
E-mail : support@vgpinfotech.com
Mobile : +91 9884403778
Phone : +91 44 22780890

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